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Hong Kong, 18 July 2022 - Cheng Kam-fu and Alvin Leung, two self-taught chefs who have achieved Michelin stars alongside numerous other accolades, partner for the first time to open a new restaurant, The Demon Celebrity. Now open, at Central’s 1 Wyndham St, The Demon Celebrity is poised to redefine haute Hong Kong cuisine with a menu combining new takes on old classics alongside a renaissance of old Hong Kong dishes that have long been forgotten. Demon Celebrity opens for lunch and dinner and is now accepting bookings.

Chef Leung’s favorite childhood restaurant, The Demon Celebrity, comprises stories of resurrection and circularity, a place where old classics are valued, new dishes are created by merging logic with creativity, and traditional Cantonese cuisine is at once haute and comforting. The two chefs, whose friendship spans decades, cite an openness to considering the question ‘why?’ as the wellspring of their innovative styles. The menu at The Demon Celebrity offers both variety and balance through dishes created solo by Chef Kam-fu and Chef Leung, dishes created through collaboration, and a series of eight dishes that reintroduce old Cantonese dishes that may have fallen out of fashion but not flavor and are no longer readily found in Hong Kong.

The Demon Celebrity’s interiors are inspired by Dushan jade and the Shang dynasty and see traditional bronze, stone, ceramics, and jade reinterpreted in a contemporary style. Dressed with sleek surfaces, neutral walls, walnut timber finishes, tea stained glass partitions, all contrasted by Alvin Leung’s signature Black Blue colored floor tiles the space shines a light on a mythical period of ancient China, coupled with a modern perspective. With lighting and art reminiscent of a gallery or museum setting, The Demon Celebrity is home to an 82-seat main dining area, and two private dining rooms seating 12 guests each.

Chef Chen Kam-fu, who earned Two-Michelin stars during his time leading Hong Kong’s Celebrity Cuisine, has helmed the kitchens of Hong Kong’s most esteemed private clubs and gained a cult-following among foodies for his unique spins on local favorites. To the menu of The Demon Celebrity he brings his prized Imperial Bird’s Nest Stuffed Chicken Wing. Sautéed Pork’s Tripe-tip in Black Beans and Chili Sauce a simple and unusual dish that showcases Chef Kam-fu’s knowledge and skill with ingredients.

Owner and executive chef of Two-Michelin starred Bo Innovation, in addition to over 10 restaurants spanning Dubai, Singapore, Canada, and Macau, Alvin Leung, nicknamed The Demon Chef, and known for his own style of ‘X-treme Cuisine’ makes his mark on the The Demon Celebrity’s menu and diverts from his usual style by applying his creativity to dishes that err on the side of comfort, such as Sautéed Wagyu Beef with Three Pepper Sauce; using an Wagyu beef with a marbling score of seven gives the dish an unforgettable melt-in-your-mouth texture much different from the tougher cuts of beef usually found in Cantonese cuisine prepared alongside three exotic peppers: Espelette from France, fresh Sichuan pepper from China, and long pepper from Indonesia. Chef Leung’s international experience shines to create a dish that uses no smoke and mirror effects and instead conveys appreciation for the careful preparation of the high quality beef alongside the combination of the three peppers.